Firework Publisher Solution

Bring Short Video and Livestream Experience Onto Your Own Site

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On-site Short Video


Video Views

Shoppable, swipeable, interactive experience

Full control of customer data and experience

Central content management platform

On-site Livestream


Session Time

Simulcast to all your social media channels

Scalable and ultra-low latency streaming on a global scale

In-stream advertising and shopping enabled

Easy Creation and Curation


Faster than Writing an Article

Curate from 1.8M short videos

Simple and robust video editing

Convert Youtube, Instagram content to short videos seamlessly

Monetization Like Instagram


In-stream Video Ads Inventory

Native shopping experience with shoppable videos and livestreams

Pre-roll and interstitial story ads

Branded video content ads

Global Company Backed by World-class Venture Capital

Raised $90M from the venture capital firms that invested in Tencent, Snap, Musical.ly (now TikTok), and DiDi.

200 employees globally, global presence across all continents. Headquartered in Silicon Valley.