Firework and Internet 3.0: Decentralized, Democratized, Powering the Next Two Decades of Global Open Web

Jason Holland

10 years dead are the days when websites ruled the digital blue ocean. Dying are the centralized Goliaths of Facebook and Tiktok; wholly self-serving revenue models, a penchant for manipulating geo-political affairs, and an unsustainable caste-like system. These eras don’t parish overnight. Their fall takes time and often isn’t readily visible. The digital future will give birth to an environment embracing and empowering the masses, rather than supplying ubiquitous favor to the elite alone. 

Much the way WordPress supported the internet for the last 2 decades, Firework will power the video-centric, mobile-first, decentralized and democratized open web for the next 20 years. 

How will it do this? 

2 key value levers core to the company’s mission pave the way: 

Upgrade. Connect. 

Firework is providing a technology infrastructure which supports vertical, short video web stories to every open web entity on earth: Publisher, business, media outlet, retailer, and individual. The company has the capacity to upgrade the video infra of every online website, app, telco, and search engine in existence. 

Firework also enables short video web story content editing (long to short form), content transformation (16:9 horizontal to vertical, full screen display), and content creation for any open web entity with the vision to foresee that the content consumption medium of the future isn’t text or images, it’s video. Then it gives them fully integrated livestream, e-commerce, data sharing, and one-click transaction capabilities.

The current open internet experience is terrible for publishers, businesses, and content consumers. Without a commitment to revolution, in 10 years the open web will be obsolete with the social born generation. If we don’t make the change, it’ll be gone. So, what are the soul searching questions driving the Firework, partner-first value systems outlined above?

When was the last time you visited a website?

When was the last time you clicked on an ad?

When was the last time you spent more than 20 seconds on a web page?

Life and thriving in the future-state digital open web requires:

  • Upgrading the content consumption experience
  • Creating a more immersive, more interactive, more natural experience that is simple to deploy
  • Leveraging native, content-born video pre-roll, interstitials, and branded sponsorship experiences versus intrusive ad units which track users
  • Innovating the media, interactivity, and e-commerce engagement experience for all

Firework is making these experiences available globally because it believes in an upgraded digital future for everyone. It believes that all content consumption should be an experience. The data proves out that the value for traditional digital publishers is beyond what any other strategic partner can provide:

  • 4x User Engagement
  • 1.8x Buying Intent (E-commerce and affiliate marketing)
  • 2.8x Time on Site 

We can’t stop here, so don’t stop reading. We still have to connect everything together. If we don’t, Firework is nothing more than a WordPress plug-in. We’re connecting websites to websites, giving them new life. Social media apps connect humans to humans, people to people. Firework is connecting content to content, especially for the long-tail and SMB segments of the open web. 

If I’m a small business e-commerce website, I’m starting to use Firework to power my own platform. Very soon, these businesses will have the capacity, for instance, to pair up to the top blogs with audiences that match their exact buyer demographic and target market. It will be as simple as clicking a button to allow your content to live on these 10 niche communities without leveraging a single cookie or element of user tracking. The future is no user tracking. It’s privacy heavy and brand safe. When UTIF is gone for the mobile device IDs, what do you do? You use Firework. That’s why our company didn’t even consider using cookies when building its Silicon Valley based tech, utilizing the most sophisticated digital engineering minds on earth. 

Why go to such great lengths in favor of the greater good? If your small business e-commerce revenue relies on centralized social ecosystems like Facebook, Tiktok or Amazon, you no longer have a voice. Instead, Firework is uniting everyone together. Unified, we all have so much more power than any of the walled gardens you see testifying and defending themselves before the United States Congress on CSPAN. 


“How technology affects people and society depends in large part on what values we embed into the design of these technologies, and who controls them.”

-Micah Altman


Let’s use an example. It’s exactly how Android does it. Android is saving all the mobile device manufacturers who were about to go obsolete; about to die at the hands of Apple. Android said let’s unite them. Let’s bring all of you together to combat and actually be far larger than Apple and iOS. Now Android owns 80% market share. They revived all of them. Firework is to the open web what Android was to mobile phone manufacturers and Shopify is for small businesses versus Amazon. 

This brings up another great example. For more than 10 years, Amazon has dominated e-commerce. But the problem for Amazon is that it is serving Amazon. I was listening to a podcast recently and they were talking about a small bookstore which used Amazon. They left and moved to Shopify because when they were on Amazon their e-commerce was being supported, but Amazon was serving up and actually suggesting “Here are 10 competing products to yours.” 

Amazon doesn’t care about your brand building or the brand building of small businesses, they care about Amazon’s brand building. Same thing. When you create with Firework, it’s your user, your advertising experience, your audience, your transaction, your brand building. It’s very different. It’s democratized. 


“Technology can improve or undermine democracy depending on how it is used and who controls it. Right now, it is controlled by too few.”

-Kevin Gross


If you can see how Android competes with iOS or Shopfiy with Amazon, you can see how Firework is far larger than the centralized social ecosystems of Facebook, IG, Tiktok, etc. 

Centralized will die as fast as it proliferated. It’s fad-laden. The future is decentralized. Block chain is demonstrating this now. 

This is the size and scale of Firework’s mission: Decentralize, open, and connect for all over the next 20 years of Internet 3.0. 

Join us. 

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スピーディかつ低コストでオウンドメディア構築から運営をサポートする『dino』と、最先端の動画マーケティングプラットフォーム『Firework』の連携により最新鋭のウェブサイト動画DX化ソリューションを提供 Loop Now Technologies(本社:米シリコンバレー、CEO:Vincent Yang)が提供する動画マーケティングプラットフォーム「Firework(ファイヤーワーク)」は、この度株式会社リボルバー(本社:東京都、代表取締役CEO:小川浩)が運営するパブリッシングプラットフォーム「dino」との機能連携及び営業連携を開始いたしました。   ■背景:媒体社・オウンドメディアにもリッチなユーザー体験を  Fireworkは、誰もが簡単にウェブストーリー(縦型動画)をウェブサイトに実装できるSaaSプロダクトです。スマホで撮影した動画や、写真を簡単にFirework上で編集・制作し、即日で自社サイトやメディアに動画を配信することが可能です。さらに、動画をベースにEコマースや広告配信を行いマネタイズをすることも可能となっております。 「dino」が抱える多くのオウンドメディア、デジタルメディアに対し、縦型動画を活用した新しいウェブメディアの形を提案、提供します。また、導入や運用サポートもFireworkとリボルバーが一体となり行なってまいります。   ■連携内容詳細:dinoを活用する企業にFireworkの導入サポートを提供 今回の機能・サポート連携の詳細は下記の通り。 dino経由でFireworkのビジネスアカウントを取得する Fireworkの編集ツールを活用し、新規動画の編集・作成を行う dinoの編集画面から、埋め込み機能を使って、Fireworkの動画ストーリーユニットを配置する…
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安価な導入コストと、PVや動画再生数向上による自社サービスの浸透促進が決め手   この度Loop Now Technologies(本社:米シリコンバレー、CEO:Vincent Yang)は、提供するウェブストーリー プラットフォーム「Firework(ファイヤーワーク)」を株式会社NTTドコモ(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長:井伊 基之)が運営するウェブサイト「もっとドコモ!!」に導入しました。   ■導入背景   ドコモの製品やサービスを楽しく紹介し、お客さまにドコモをもっと知ってもらうためのウェブサイト「もっとドコモ!!」では、スマホネイティブの若年層に向けて、情報発信およびリーチを向上させたいと考えていました。 これまでの横型動画を使った情報発信では、ターゲット層のエンゲージメントを向上させることが困難であることを認識しながらも、機能改善にかかる多額のコストにより、具体的な改善が進められていない状況でした。 そこで、安価な導入費用・実装の容易さを決め手として、ウェブストーリー(縦型動画)プラットフォーム「Firework」の導入を決定。導入決定から動画の作成を含めてわずか1ヶ月でサイト上に実装を完了。縦型動画を活用していくことによって、若年層に向けた成果の向上に大きな期待を寄せています。  …
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